Billing Auditor Module

Billing Auditor Module

Whether you bill your customers directly or contract billing through your water utility or other entity, SewerCare Pro’s Billing and Billing Auditor Modules (sold separately) can provide you with the precision your utility needs to ensure that your customers and their payments are being billed and recorded accurately.


The billing module can work with any ODBC compliant or REST/API data collection utilities programs for metered billing applications. Alternatively, if your utility uses a static billing algorithm, SewerCare Pro’s Billing module can manage that as well. We provide a fulfillment interface for third party billing entities or your accounting software.

Billing Auditor

For wastewater utilities who bill through a partnership or interlocal agreement with their water utility based on water usage, SewerCare Pro’s Billing Auditor Module provides an easy-to-use interface to quickly identify discrepancies between what was Billed and what you wanted billed. Billing information can be imported by the user or, for an additional fee, an external source module can be created to seamlessly include billing and payment information for all customers. SewerCare Pro’s Billing Auditor Module compares and audits actual billing information against billing profile information that you establish and provides a report of overbilling, under billing as well as new (unknown) customers and customers who are no longer being billed (chages in ownership, meter numbers, etc) so that you can be proactive at ensuring your billing revenue is exactly as budgeted and expected. If you are “Billing and praying” that your billing revenue is correct, you may be losing thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands in billing revenue.

Additional feature includes:

  • Optional Customer interface to review billing history.
  • Optional payment portal (Not available in Billing Auditor).
  • Interface with customer service and assessment modules to open and track customer billing inquiries
  • Proactive alert reporting for billing discrepancies
  • One-step notification of external billing entity of discrepancies (Billing Auditor)
  • Tracking of billing discrepancies with external billing entity (Billing Auditor)

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