Plant LIMS Module

Plant LIMS Module

One of the most tedious tasks of a wastewater treatment plant supervisor is the monitoring of wastewater processes for plant efficiency, regulatory compliance and most importantly, protection of public health. Whether you run an Activated Sludge, Extended Aeration or Advanced Wastewater Treatment plant, accurate lab calculations and timely reporting can help you effectively manage your plant while meeting regulatory reporting compliance. SewerCare Pro’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Module empowers your staff to track and report your lab results and even notify you managers irregularities proactively. SewerCare Pro’s LIMS Module provides an easy-to-follow interface for even the most complex testing workflows in the lab. By providing an intuitive user interface for your operators, available on mobile, tablet, and desktop, they can easily record test results, flow meter readings and even step-by-step readings for solids labs removing any chance of human errors in those complex calculation. SewerCare Pro’s LIMS will provide managers with easy to read Discharge Monitoring Reports that can be used to complete your online EzDMR with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Florida Only) and includes readings for Biosolids, flows, 5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5), solids, Fecal Coliform, pH, and elemental residuals such as chlorine, nitrogen and phosphorus. Whether you have an on-site lab, you outsource all of your lab tests or you have a hybrid testing protocol, SewerCare Pro’s LIMS Module is a valuable tool for your Wastewater Plant staff and managers.

Additional features include:

  • Customize calculations based upon testing workflow
  • Management dashboard to track processes
  • Users dashboard to access particular samples and tests-in-progress
  • Configurable input screens for external lab result recording
  • DMR formatted reports for FDEP compliance
  • Optional EzDMR preformatted download file for Upload to FDEP
  • Manual high/low thresholds for custom notifications
  • Reminder notifications for test in progress
  • Customized charts on each dashboard for trending

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