CMMS Module

CMMS Module

Without question, the highest unforeseen cost outside of a natural disaster for a Wastewater Utility is equipment loss or damage due to failed maintenance. In fact, the cost of failing to maintain equipment can run into the millions of dollars or worse, loss of productivity or even life of operators. By ensuring preventative maintenance is facilitated and tracked, managers can prolong the effective of life of valuable capital assets while minimizing costly downtime and repairs. SewerCare Pro’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Module provides an easy to use, paperless tool for your operational maintenance teams to track and perform scheduled maintenance on your most valuable assets. Unlike other Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, SewerCare Pro’s CMMS works for your maintenance personnel, and not the other way around! By indexing assets on multiple features including make, model, location, department, function area, and even user, operators can quickly isolate maintenance tasks assigned to them so they can spend their time in the field not at the keyboard.

Additional features include:

  • Mobile platform for field use
  • Maintenance work order submission portal to order and track repairs of unscheduled maintenance (repairs)
  • Management console for oversight and delegation
  • Customizable reports to track maintenance efficiency
  • Replacement cost and useful life tracking enable accurate budget projections
  • Works with fleet management module

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